Thursday, March 5, 2009

Graphic Design

Hand tools they use are scissors, rulers, glue, exact-knife, such as composite materials. 
They have their own computers and printers on their desks. One student was using a really huge computer and have another computer on the same desk. It seems it is very common to have two computers and handling them in a specific use.  They do book design, motion design (graphic), logo design, identity design, magazine, poster.
Each student has their own printer on their desk. But for a large piece, such as event posters, they share the huge printer.

This is the silk screen, which is very famous for Andy Warhol.
They said it is just same as print-making. 

The piece made by the silk screen is considered of having more artistic quality than a piece just done by a printer. 

In terms of recycle, they correct blank papers which is no-print on it (sometimes it happens by mistake) and also print-paper. These are recycled in a different way. They also recycle blades for exact-knives or other kinds of knives and Ink cartridges for the printer.

My curious about recycling is its classification. These paper classification I saw at Graphic design department is easy to deal with because it depends on whether the print is on the paper or not. However, in our daily life, our products are basically composed of many materials. For example, my ball-point pen, it is made out of aluminum, plastic, brass, and ink inside. So, I wonder how can I classify this composite material when being recycling. 
So, I think that for designers, they should pay attention more on the clearness of classification  on our products. That makes it easier for us to do recycling. 

And also, I am very curious about their process of being recycled. I heard sometimes recycle might bring another negative effect, such as polluting air, or to invent new recycle machine, another row materials have to be exploited from developed countries. But it is obviously true that human population are increasing and our world economy is dominated by capitalism, recycling is inevitable for our future survival. 

I think by putting recycling as a fashionable movement, more and more people are willing to do recycling.  

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